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Let us help you with all your tree work wants & needs

Tree Removal


Removing a tree, whether it is healthy or diseased, requires a high level of expertise and precision. Without the proper training and equipment, tree removals can result in serious personal injury, property damage, and other serious consequences.

     We want to make it known that we LOVE trees. Trees are the lungs of our earth, and play an essential role in the world we live in. Not only do trees provide food, water, and shelter to humans and other species, they play a huge role in climate control by producing oxygen, removing C02 and other pollutants from the air, reducing heat in urban areas, and absorbing hundreds of gallons of water after a storm. At Justin’s Tree Service, we believe cutting down a tree is a last resort option.  But sometimes, a tree is required to be removed due to poor health, disease, instability, or the tree was simply planted in the wrong spot.


 Unfortunately, trees die for several reasons:

  • Viruses & Bacteria (Fungi)

  • Trunk, Branch, and Root boring insects

  • Poor pruning/trimming practices

  • Nutrient-poor soil

     Most of these reasons are out of your control. If it is determined that your tree is not able to be saved, please leave it up to the experts at Justin’s Tree Service to safely and properly remove your trees. We promise to take care of your existing landscape and surroundings to the best of our ability. We utilize ground protection mats, as well!



Trimming & Pruning

In order to ensure the health, safety, and beauty of your trees, proper trimming and pruning techniques are extremely important. 'Preventative maintenance' on your trees is a long-term investment that will pay off in the future.

Did you know Tree Trimming and Pruning are 2 different techniques? Of course they are similar in many aspects, but they serve 2 different purposes. The purpose of trimming a tree is primarily for structure and appearance, whereas pruning a tree is primarily for safety and overall health. Regardless of the differences, if not done correctly, it could compromise the tree's growth or even kill the tree. Here are some benefits of properly trimming/pruning a tree: 

  • Reduces the risk of falling dead branches - Cleaning and thinning out trees reduces weight on heavy limbs, which decreases the possibility of limbs falling on property and other landscaping.

  • Prevents the spread of diseases - increases light penetration and air movement through the crown. This also has an impact on the health of your landscape below!

  • Increases value and appearance of your property - According to HGTV, clean, healthy trees may increase your property value by 19%!


Our vast knowledge of the structure, biology, and needs of every tree paired with specialized trimming/pruning practices - Justin’s Tree Service has what it takes to get the job done. We promise to make your trees look spectacular! 

Stump Grinding

Old stumps are an eye-sore, and it is best to get rid of them before they start rotting or you run over them with your lawn mower - they can be a huge inconvenience!


     When a tree is removed, a large stump is left behind. Some people decide to keep the stump, but most people elect to have the stump grinded down. We have the ability to turn this stump into finely shaved wood chips that can be easily spread out in your yard or removed. Eventually, these grindings will naturally turn into fine compost.


Storm Damage

We offer emergency response for tree related incidents. From trees on houses to trees blocking roadways - we are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Justin's Tree Service is a phone call away!

Storms can produce high winds and heavy rainfall which can cause branches to weaken and/or compromise the root systems, which can lead to failure of an entire tree.  Even during the winter time, ice and snow can accumulate on a tree which can also result in failure of an entire tree. Justin’s Tree Service has the ability to remove trees off of houses and cars, clear roadways and driveways, and trim/prune trees that were damaged from a storm. We understand that a fallen tree on your house or car can be a very dangerous, terrifying experience. We will do our absolute best to make you feel safe and mitigate your damages as much as possible. Although some storm damage may be handled by the homeowner, please leave larger, riskier projects up to the professionals at Justin’s Tree Service. 

Contact us for a free quote! We are glad to help.

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